Music lovers will surely have fond memories of FLORIAN POSER's duo and trio ensembles, as well as his »Brazilian Experience«. As a vibraphone player he is considered an expert in his field and he is also highly regarded as a composer.

This time, he is backed up by the jazz guitarist Martin Flindt, who has picked up many accolades as a skilled guitarist in a variety of ensembles, and as a musician and band leader of his own group »Flindt's Tones«.

In this duo these two accomplished musicians divulge their very special way of interpreting and modulating jazz out of American mainstream, modern fusion and European techniques. Rarely has an instrumental duo formation made highly sophisticated instrumental jazz sound so relaxed.

"Crossing Minds" is a perfect title for the excellent CD of these two musicians, who not only seem to think the same way, but also feel intuitively alike in the process of creating wonderful instrumental music.

Sometimes It Snows In April (Prince R. Nelson)